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8/F Obispado De Cubao Bldg.
#40 Lantana St. Immaculate Conception 
Cubao Quezon City 1109

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(046) 529-0707  &   (02) 692-0998


Team ImprentaKo The online market place for your print requirements

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Team Imprentako is a Group of 100 printers for all category 

Team Imprentako is consortium of almost one hundred twenty (120) printers.

Ø We are composed of printers for T-shirts, Caps, Umbrellas and other corporate giveaways.

Ø We have also printers for tarpaulin, Signages and other outdoor advertising materials.

Ø We have also printers for Flyers, Brochure, Calendars and other corporate marketing materials.

Ø We have also printers for packaging, Stickers and Labels for your packaging needs.

Ø We have also printers for notebook, Books, Magazines and all your publication’s needs.

Team is your one stop shop for all your printing needs

Team will handle of voicing and delivery of your printing requirements by talking only one company. You have more than 100 printers at your fingertips.

Your present printer may not be able to supply your delivery schedule but we our unique queuing system. We can go down our list of prints contractor to facilitate your schedule.

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You got that right! Instead of spending minutes to hours of calling and flipping through pages just to find the right print provider, 
#TeamImprentaKo will provide you with the printing service that you need at the best price option! 
Sign up now on our page and save your previous time.​​​​​​​.